Reserve Your Stall Today at the Kilkenny Sunday Market

Stalls start from as little at €20 for 6ft x 5ft indoor stall, €25 – €30 gets much more space outside including vans and cars.

Doors open at 7am for traders.


Bring something like a pasting table to sell your items from. (Also could bring a garden table, clothes rail, blankets, cardboard boxes or plastic ground sheet.) We do not provide these.

You can arrange your items on a cloth, it always looks more appealing than straight onto a table but it is not necessary.

Get there on time if you can as there are usually early buyers and you don’t want to miss out.

Have some idea of what price you are charging, you can price up articles if you like, but it’s not necessary, bring lots of small change so you are prepared for a sale and be prepared for bartering. Don’t hold on to things if you can’t get exactly the price you want, remember it’s the whole amount you go home with at the end of the day that matters

If when arriving at your pitch, there is a crowd waiting, do not feel panicked into unloading, just lock up your car and wait to get your things out until after they have gone, they will return later.

Make sure if you sell electric items that they work, are safe and have plugs on.

It’s a good idea to do your selling with a companion, then you have the freedom to take turns to visit the loo or get food/drinks or generally have a look around and pick up that bargain.

Always be aware of unscrupulous people, as Car Boot Sales are no different to anywhere else in Society, keep your money on you and keep a look out on your table. Also keep your unused car doors locked.

Good idea to bring a plastic sheet in case it rains to just throw over your table, then you can start selling again as soon as it stops.

Remember our Sunday Market is in an environmentally friendly area, always take all rubbish and all unsold goods home with you.