Terms and Conditions for Trading at

Castleinch Venue Sunday Market.

1. Traders are responsible for keeping their stalls clean and tidy. They also have to remove
their own rubbish etc. at the Traders own cost.
2. Traders have to trade within the allocated spaces that they are given to. Clothes rails etc,
have to be kept with in this allocate spaces. This is for health and safety reasons. The space
to be allocated to the Trader will be allocated by the operator of Castleinch Venue at the
sole discretion of the said operator.
3. Traders can leave their goods on their stalls from week to week. If a Trader does not trade
on a Sunday and their goods are left on the stalls, they still have to pay their weekly fee. The
owner and/or operator of Castleinch Venue shall not assume any responsibility for any
goods left on stalls and if any damage or loss is caused to such goods, that loss or damage
shall be suffered by the Trader without any recourse to the owner and/or operator of
Castleinch Venue.
4. If a Trader leaves goods on a stall for more than four weeks and they have not been trading
in that four weeks, their goods will be removed, unless they notify management that they
won’t be trading in that period of time for whatever reason etc. In the event that the Trader
does provide such notification to the operator of Castleinch Venue, the said operator at
his/her sole discretion shall be entitled to decide whether the Traders goods will be removed
or otherwise.
5. For other events that will be held in the Castleinch Venue for example Autojumble, traders
will be asked to remove their goods in advance of that other event and such goods shall not
be returned to the Castleinch Venue until such event has come to an end. In the event that
the Trader is asked to remove goods in this circumstance, the Trader shall be obliged to
remove such goods at the operator of Castleinch Venue’s instruction.
6. If traders have any issues with other traders or members of the public please contact
7. Traders leaving early during trading hours have to notify management. Driving through the
market when open to the public can be a risk to the public and other traders. Management
will ensure Vehicle’s leaving the market early will do so in a safe manner.
8. Any trader found selling stolen goods in the Sunday Market will be expelled from the
Market and they will not be allowed to trade again in the Market.

9. The operator of Castleinch Venue reserves the right at all times to refuse the entry of a
trader to Castleinch Venue for any reason.